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Is Hearing Loss A Big Loss

Cognitive ability is directly proportional to ageing, isn’t it?


Now, there are two questions that demand answers;


1. Does hearing loss cause cognitive impairment and dementia? 

2. Can a cognitive loss be delayed with hearing aids? 


Multiple studies suggest that there is a connection between hearing loss, brain function decline and loss of brain tissue. Shrinkage of the brain is a common symptom and a natural part of ageing, but older adults with hearing loss appear to lose brain mass at a faster rate than individuals with normal hearing.


It is a well-known fact that ageing is correlated with both hearing loss and cognitive decline. 


But why this happens?


3 different perspectives that will leave you amazed;


1. With untreated hearing loss, the brain gets overworked by constantly straining to understand speech and sound. So, an overloaded brain doesn’t work efficiently.


2. Brain cells can shrink from lack of stimulation, including the parts of the brain that receive and process sound, thus affecting the brain structure.


3. This perspective is based on social isolation theory. When a person has trouble hearing conversations and socializing, he/she prefers to stay at rather than socialise. This makes the person more isolated and habitual to receive less stimuli to the brain.


What more hearing loss can lead to?


However, dementia and cognitive decline aren’t the only conditions linked with hearing loss. Multiple research states that it is linked with a variety of other conditions as well;


1. Depression and anxiety

2. Chronic kidney disease

3. Heart and cardiovascular disease

4. Diabetes


According to some experts, self- management can always prevent the risk of hearing loss. This can be done by being socially active as this encourages mental fitness. This, in turn, encourages hearing health and motivate people to use hearing aids suffering from hearing loss.


Hearing aids that actually aid


Timely use of hearing aids can lower down the risk of dementia. In fact, people with hearing loss who didn’t use hearing aids had a higher risk of dementia and depression than the people with hearing loss who used hearing aids experienced cognitive decline at a rate similar to people but without hearing loss.

This is not something about regaining your hearing power but more about improving your everyday life by communicating properly with active senses. 


Well, there is always a need for self-management i.e. by maintaining a healthy lifestyle but at the same time if the diseases demand an expert care one should go to the doctor. So, if you are planning to go to a doctor in the above case, then should consult top ENT surgeons’ doctors in Jaipur as one can find multiple options there especially of Ear Nose Throat (ENT) specialists.


Stay alert


The old age is in itself is full of difficulties and diseases so, there is a need to stay alert to treat these kinds of diseases as according to a study dementia causes much of damage to the brain before the symptoms emerge.


When to see a doctor?


3 alarming symptoms that demand your attention;


1. Difficulty understanding words

2. Muffling of speech and other sounds

3. Frequently asking others to speak more slowly, clearly and loudly



When you know the symptoms of the disease and its repercussions then it is imperative to get proper treatment for it from the best hospital of Rajasthan as one finds plenty of good hospitals there especially the ENT specialists in Jaipur.


Precautions to be taken while using hearing aids


5 things you need to take care of;


1. Avoid moisture and store your hearing aid in a dry place

2. Keep devices free of earwax

3. Regular change of hearing aid batteries

4. Avoid the usage of hairspray or other hair care products while wearing hearing aids

5. Avoid going out in the sunlight with a hearing aid 


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