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IVF Keep These Things in Mind Before You Being Your Treatment

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) or Assisted Reproductive Technology is one of the greatest gifts of modern science to humankind. Those unable to conceive naturally can make use of this advanced technology. Infertility affects around 6.7 million women and when it comes down to making a choice, IVF is the most effective and the most common procedure of reproductive technology. Even though it is effective, it’s not always easy. IVF actually includes a lot of emotional roadblocks, commitment and persistence.

You will find one of the best IVF hospitals in Rajasthan, India. The doctors are highly trained, exhibiting excellent expertise and knowledge in the field of fertility. They also offer advanced treatment options and a range of reproductive services so that your journey to becoming parents is extremely hassle free, stress free as possible making them the best IVF hospitals.There are many factors which one should keep in mind before going for an IVF procedure. It is a complex and expensive procedure. That is because it is never the first step in the infertility treatment. People go for it only after other methods such as fertility drugs, surgery, artificial insemination, etc. have not worked for them. 

The success rate of IVF depends on a number of factors including reproductive history, maternal age, and the cause of infertility and lifestyle factors. The success rate for a woman under 35 years of age is nearly 40%, and above the age of 40 is between 10 to 15%. It is also important to understand that pregnancy rates are not the same as live birth rates. It is normal for the IVF procedure to fail a couple of times before it results in a successful pregnancy. In order to have a successful pregnancy, one should only choose the best gynaecology hospital. It is important to carefully research and select the best gynaecology doctor in India so that you get the very best treatment possible.

There are few things you should keep in mind before you being your treatment –

1.   IVF is very time consuming - A full course of IVF takes 4 to 8 weeks depending on how quickly a person's body responds. The whole process can be very stressful. So it’s always advisable to arm yourself with a lot of information about the whole process and asking your doctor anything and everything which can make you feel empowered and help ease the stress and uncertainty that's typical during the process. 


2.    Make sure your health is your priority – Your health can go for a toss if you do not have a balanced diet. Joining a fitness program is the first and the best way to start your journey. Research has shown that women who are psychically and emotionally healthy have a higher chance of success with IVF. Women who are obese, should also be aware of the fact that this can hinder the chances of success.


3.  Leaving the bad habits behind – Drinking and smoking during the period of procedure can be very harmful for the body. If more than four units of alcohol in a week has been consumed, it greatly reduces the success rates. Smoking cigarettes can reduce the success rate by 60%.


4.   There is an influx of hormones - Due to the influx of hormones during the procedure, a person may be irritable and moody all the time, so you must cater for the mood swings too. It can be emotionally draining too, as the uncertainty of the whole procedure can weigh on the mind throughout. One needs to be balanced and calm as far as possible.


5.  Relationship- Infertility is a great hardship, which impacts not only the woman who's trying to get pregnant but both partners in the relationship. If they have decided to go for IVF, then they need to go with openness and positivity which will help them more emotionally. Building a strong support system is very important.


6.  Taking care of the finances- It takes more than one cycle of IVF to become pregnant. And since it's a costly procedure, it can be financially draining also. One needs to get their finances in order before commencing the treatment.


7.   Considering the right time– The right timing is everything when it comes to IVF. IVF Treatment can be very emotionally and physically draining. So starting a treatment cycle during high periods of stress or a job change or a major life change should be avoided at all costs.


8.  Mental health– Since it is so emotionally draining, taking care of your mental health is extremely important. Going through the treatment can make you much more prone of depression, anxiety and even postpartum depression.

9.  There might be some complications– Even though it is safe and effective procedure, there are some complications in any medical treatment. There is always a slight chance of risk which one needs to be aware about.


It’s extremely important to take care of yourself in whatever way possible even if it is meditating for some time, taking up a hobby you love or de stressing in any way possible. Taking care of yourself is as necessary as any other step of IVF.

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