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Joint Replacement: Prepping Up For The Surgery

Joint replacement surgery is the most common orthopaedic procedure performed at all the best hospitals in Jaipur including Eternal Hospital. The procedure involves the substitution of a dysfunctional joint or a part of it with a brand new prosthetic part made up of metal, plastic or ceramics. The prosthetic joint replicates the functions of the original joints. Joint replacement is a treatment option for patients whose joints have been damaged due to an underlying medical condition, some degenerative joint disease, a severe blow or an injury suffered in an accident.

The surgery, although very safe, is quite intensive and is followed by weeks of bed rest and many lifestyle changes, all of which aim at increasing the success rate of the procedure as well as the life span of the prosthetic joint. Doctors specialising in Joint replacement surgery in Rajasthan suggest that it is not only the post-surgical lifestyle modifications that determine the success rate of the surgery but also the pre-surgical preparations on behalf of both the doctors as well as the patients.

If we talk about the doctors, they need to thoroughly examine the patient by conducting a series of tests and screenings to determine a proper treatment plan to be followed. They also need to go through the medical history of the patient to ensure that they are not suffering from any other problem or disease that can give rise to peri-operative or postoperative complications.

As per the specialists from the best Anaesthesiology hospital in Jaipur, it is also important to make sure that the patient is not allergic to anaesthesia or any other medicine used during the procedure. All these help the doctors to customize the best treatment protocol for a patient.

If you think that it is only the doctors who have to prepare for the surgery, you might want to reconsider that. As discussed earlier, both the doctors as well as the patients need to prepare for the surgery and by preparation, we mean both physical as well as mental preparedness.

Here are a few tips that will help you with the same:

Start planning before time- As soon as your doctor recommends you to undergo surgery, start planning for the whole procedure and what follows. The surgical procedure can be quite overwhelming, planning beforehand can help you to cope up with the post-operative changes with much more ease. Since you will need someone to accompany you, talk to your friends and family members. You might also need to arrange a wheelchair or crutches that you will require to move around initially.

Clear your doubts- Don’t stop yourself from asking questions regarding your treatment. It is important that you enter the operation theatre with a clear mind. Talk to your doctor about the benefits and risks and what all follows. If you are not sure of your diagnosis, take a second or even third opinion.

Shed those extra pounds- Excessive body weight puts extra pressure on your joints which can decrease the lifespan of your prosthetics. Also, you are likely to gain some weight post-surgery as your movement will be limited for the first few weeks. Hence it is important to lose some weight prior to the surgery to avoid unnecessary complications.

Curb your tobacco cravings- Studies have shown that active smokers are at 1.5 to 3.2 times higher risks of developing wound-related complications post joint replacement as the carbon monoxide and nicotine present in the tobacco drastically impacts the ability of the blood to carry oxygen to the healing tissues. Hence, it is better to quit smoking weeks or rather months prior to your surgery.

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