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Joint Replacement Surgery With Diabetes

Diabetes majorly impacts the daily routine of the affected individuals; they have to pay special care on their diet and lifestyle for a healthy being. Such patients are switched to a more vulnerable position when they are suffering from bone problems. The situation worsens when they have to undergo joint replacement surgery. This was the case with an acquaintance of mine, Mrs. Hemlata. I recently met her at a social function, and she looked healthy enough considering her medical history of knee replacement surgery in her diabetic condition.


She understood my surprised reaction, she walked me through her rehabilitation program and even recommended the orthopedics hospital in Jaipur where she was operated for her knee replacement surgery. In the case of Mrs. Hemlata, nutritionist curate a well-balanced diet plan with strict glycemic control which kept the blood sugar level in control and helped her to achieve a quick recovery. As difficult as it may seem, if diabetes is controlled well, the surgical interventions are not risky enough. But if the diabetes is not regulated through prescribed medications and lifestyle changes, even the simplest joint replacement surgery can lead to severe complications.Before the surgery, the patient is provided with a plan which has to be followed with immediate effect or as advised by the doctor. Quitting smoking and alcohol intake is important prior to the surgery or else it could complicate the post-surgical results. 

The hospital in which Mrs. Hemlata was operated, it happens to be a famous sports injury hospital in Jaipur. They advise the diabetic sportsperson to be watchful of their blood sugar levels. If they succumb to an injury which could result in a major bone issue, immediate treatment must be consulted. Unfortunately, if they have to undergo a joint replacement surgery, no amount of carelessness can be tolerated for a healthy recovery and proper return to the sports field. They have to include long-term changes in their diet and routine for keeping diabetes at the control and their bones healthy. 


One of the experts who is a renowned expert of spine surgery in Jaipur explains, joint replacement surgery in diabetic patients be it of spine or hip, the strict adhesion to the rehabilitation program is a necessity. Post-joint replacement surgery, the diet should be well-balanced with high-quality nutrition. To keep the blood sugar level in control, strict glycemic regulation is important. Evaluating the symptoms of wound infection on its early stage can benefit the patient for a quick treatment program with minimized health risks.


Any top arthroscopy surgeon in India would advise monitoring the body temperature regular to diagnose the possibility of any wound infection. Special attention is to be provided for those patients who were administered neuropathy. In these cases, the patient is unable to feel pain and by that time the wound can develop to a moderate stage. Apart from the neuropathic cases, the patient can be able to assess any sign of the wound infection which can include pus from the wound. Redness or heat in the area of the wound can be the possible symptoms of the wound infection. If the patient is experiencing abnormal body temperature (fever or chills), it could be a possible response to the infection in the wound. Pain and/ or swelling in the incision site, if faced by the patient, it should be communicated to the concerned doctors. 


The best hospital in Jaipur for orthopedic cases offers an integrated approach to medical care. With their state-of-the-art facilities and a praiseworthy hardworking staff, they even deal with the most complicated cases while maintaining a commendable rate of successful outcomes. Their highly qualified and well-experienced surgeons work along with nutritionists and physical therapists to manifest an individual based treatment program. The diet plan post joint replacement surgery has defined calories and sugar intake, every bite is measured to make sure that the patient gets the optimal amount of nutrition and is kept away from any risk of side-effects or complications.  

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