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Making Healthy Dietary Modifications, Achieving Health

Obesity is one of the leading causes of serious diseases. People who are overweight are generally more prone to diseases. But many a time, due to various other medical conditions people find it difficult to lose weight despite performing exercises, practising a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a proper diet. In such circumstances, opting for weight loss surgery is a wise decision.

Weight loss surgery in Jaipur is offered in almost all the top hospitals which provide an expert team of doctors who use advanced technology and latest approaches aiming at your care, convenience and cure.

In this blog, we will be discussing pre and post-operative dietary measures of gastric bypass surgery with an aim to create awareness. Owing to its importance, we consider that this blog will be a great help to those who are undergoing or planning to undergo bariatric surgery.

Importance of diet

Diet is one of the important components of recovery as it strengthens your body and provides energy to recover. Best doctors always advise to follow the recommended diet both before and after the surgery. The pre-surgery diet is geared towards reducing the amount of fat in and around your liver. This reduces the risk of complications during surgery. On the other hand, the post-operative diet helps you recover, meet the needs of your now-smaller stomach, and gain healthier eating habits.

Pre-surgery diet

It is important to prepare your body before any surgery or treatment. So losing weight can help you to reduce the fat around the liver and abdomen which allows the doctor to perform the laparoscopy rather than open surgery. Preparing your body in advance will reduce the complication to a greater extent. Best doctors in Jaipur often advise to follow the eating plan in order to avoid any complications, this begins soon as you are cleared with the procedure. In case you are unable to reduce the sufficient weight then your doctor might even cancel the procedure.

What to avoid pre-surgery?

  1. Eliminate saturated fats from your diet
  2. Avoid food rich in carbohydrates
  3. Eliminate high-sugar beverages
  4. Improve yourself when it comes to smoking
  5. Avoid alcohol as much as possible


What to eat pre-surgery?

The pre-operative diet should be fluid rich and the consumption of solid food items will depend on your weight and overall health. During this time, protein shakes and other high-protein, low-calorie foods are recommended by the doctor.

Post-surgery diet

Diet is one of the essential parts of the recovery and it is time taking too. The patient has to go through various stages. The length of each stage depends on his health and the examination of the doctor.

Stage 1: Liquid diet

This stage delicately deals as the patient is just gone through the surgery procedure. The diet aims to heal the body by consuming only liquid for a few days. This will avoid stretching of your stomach due to the intake of food. After clear liquids, you will gradually start taking additional types of liquids like decaffeinated coffee and tea, skim milk, unsweetened juice, etc.

Stage 2: Pureed diet

This stage involves the consumption of pureed food that has a pudding-like consistency and is thick like a paste, e.g. you can eat the banana, tomato juice, yoghurt, etc.

Stage 3: Soft diet

This is then followed by adding soft, easy-to-chew food into your diet such as boiled eggs, ground meat, cooked white fish, and canned fruits, such as peaches or pears.

Stage 4: Stabilization

Finally, after a stipulated time period generally after 2 months, doctors advise consuming solid foods. You will still need to dice or chop your food into small bites because your stomach is much smaller as large pieces of food may cause a blockage. But it is to be noted that, foods that are hard to digest should be still avoided and in about four months you completely return back to the normal diet.

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