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Neurological Issues: A Need For Proper Addressal

Mental illness and neurological disorders are some of the ailments from which people are still unknown and the lack of awareness about the same has led to worsen the situation. These disorders are not meant to be taken lightly as the symptoms palpate or increase over time may worsen the situation or some time it is out of control. These diseases or disorders impact socially, mentally and on the physical health.

There is a crying need to aware people about these kinds of diseases so that the patients suffering from the same can at least know from what they are suffering and finally consult the doctor. The best multispecialty hospitals in Jaipur provide a specialised centre for treating these neurological issues with the expert teams of doctors and psychologists.

In simple words, it is a condition which generally arises when your brain and nervous system do not function properly. Most importantly, the concerns of the patient is whether the disorder is curable or not. So, if not treated at the right time the situation can get out of control or sometimes become irreversible. While addressing neurological issues the best doctors often advise different types of therapies along with the medication.

Therapies that treat neurological disorders

Keeping aside the permanent cure, sometimes patients with neurological issues can be placed in rehabilitation as part of an effort to restore some lost function which is very effective. Therapies for neurological disorders may often consist of:

  1. Applying lifestyle-changing therapies to prevent or minimize the impact of such conditions
  2. Physiotherapy to manage the symptoms and restore some function
  3. Pain management, as many impairments can be associated with considerable discomfort
  4. Medication to either restore function or prevent a worsening of the patient’s condition


  • Cognitive Therapy Treatments (CBT)

The therapy focuses on dealing with behavioural neurological issues. It is also known as talk therapy being a behavioural therapy it works on reorienting a patient’s thoughts and behaviour related to their disability.

The therapy is very advantageous as unlike medicines it does not involveany side effects. CBT can often be administered by someone other than a doctor, though it should be administered by licensed therapists or physiologist. It will frequently be among the first choices for patients, being non-invasive in nature.

  • Medication therapy

CBT is obviously not preferred in the case of patients recovering from a stroke, traumatic injury or degenerative brain diseases. In this scenario, other therapeutic methods are preferred for the desired results. These may range from medications such as the neuroleptics (haloperidol and chlorpromazine, for example) used to treat organic disorders of the brain such as schizophrenia, to comparatively simple analgesics.

Is rehab a better option?

One of the most common options that are often preferred by the patients of the families who are suffering from any neurological issue is inpatient neurological treatment centres. Also, referred to as rehab centres, which focus their attention on treatable disorders, chief among these being alcohol abuse issues and other chemical dependencies.

These rehab centres enable patients to learn skills needed to live balanced, healthy lives, thus proved to be beneficial for them.

5 benefits of rehab centres that you must be aware of:

  1. Patient-friendly environment
  2. Close supervision of doctors
  3. A part of effective rehab programs
  4. Better care and quicker recovery


These rehab centres prove to be a boon for many suffering from the neurological issues which are difficult to explain and has adverse effects if not treated on time. Also, these rehab centres counsel the patients about their problems that ultimately help in tackling the disorder. The neurology hospitals in Jaipur offers specialised treatment for treating these disorder or disease. An expert team of doctors and psychologists treat the patients and sometimes the treatment procedure is for a long period.

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