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Soothing Pain with Anesthesia Before Treatment

An injury brings a lot of pain along with it. The intensity of pain depends on the extent of the injury and the body part where injury is suffered. And then comes the treatment part. The treatment which is given makes sure that there is further pain so that the patient feels comfortable during the whole procedure. And this is where Anesthesia comes onto play. It is provided to give you relief. The branch of medicine which deals with anesthesia is known as anesthesiology. One of the major pain relief centers in India is in the found inside the premises of Eternal Hospital.

Anesthesia is particularly given so that the patient can have smooth treatment. In anesthesia, there is partial or total loss of sensation. There are different types of anesthesia which determine whether there will be loss of consciousness or not. Anesthesiology is the practice of medicine dedicated to the relief of pain and total care of the surgical patient before, during and after surgery.

The department of anesthesiology at eternal hospital provides anesthesia services to all surgical specialties like cardiac, renal transplants, paediatric surgery including neonates, vascular and endovascular, endo urology and orthopedics including trauma and joint replacement and gynaecology etc. This department includes best anaesthesia doctor in jaipur who are also qualified in pain medicine which includes labour analgesia.

There are three types of anesthesia –

1. Local Anesthesia – it is used for minor procedures as only a small part of the body is numbed down. You are awake in this procedure.

2. Regional Anesthesia – this type of anesthesia is given to block pain in a larger part of the body. Peripheral nerve block is a good example for that.

3. General Anesthesia – it affects your brain and rest of the body. You are not awake when this anesthesia is given and no pain is felt during the surgery.

PRP therapy in Jaipur is also getting famous because it does not include any use of anesthesia as it is not painful at all and is a non invasive form of treatment. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma in which portion of the patient’s own blood is used. Our team provides timely and effective care to focus on the individual needs of the patient.

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