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How is RAHAT Program Changing Lives in Rural Areas of Rajasthan

The eternal heart care centre hospital in Jaipur launched a medical project to provide immediate treatment to the people having a heart attack in rural areas of the state. The RAHAT (Rajasthan Heart Attack Treatment Program) was launched by the chief minister, Vasundhara Raje on 25th February 2017. The program focuses on the creation and management of telemedicine platform in order to fight and cure the ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI), a very dangerous kind of heart attack.

The telemedicine platform helps in capturing and transmitting a patient’s EKG with the medical history of the patient from the remote rural areas directly to the HCC (the heart command centre). As soon as the reports reach the HCC, the experienced doctors and their extremely efficient team of technicians and nurses examine the case and provide immediate interpretation of the EKG and STEMI guidance through teleconsultation, thus offering immediate assistance and medical attention to the patient.

The RAHAT Program in Rajasthan aims at the following -

Provide immediate treatment to the people living in the remote rural areas of Rajasthan so they have a better chance of survival.

Provide better medical services with immediate ambulance and telemedicine undertrained and experienced doctors.

The basic and necessary treatment will be given to the patient immediately in the advanced and equipped ambulance while his EKG details will be sent to the HCC so they can prepare the treatment by the time the ambulance reaches the hospital.

Under the RAHAT program, the chief minister has also launched a program in order to provide a well-equipped ambulance and a team of trained paramedics.

Heart treatment in Jaipur has developed greatly through the decades. The doctors now use advanced and minimally invasive methods for various treatments and surgeries. The doctors are highly experienced and perform the procedures with utmost precision.

Through the RAHAT program, the doctors have been able to reach thousands of people in the remote areas who didn’t have any source of immediate medical attention and had to give up their lives because of it. The equipped ambulance provides immediate relief to the patient and stabilizes his or her condition until the ambulance reaches the hospital. By the time they reach the hospital the team of doctors and technicians are ready with all the necessary adjustments that will be needed for the treatment.

Launching this program has not only provided medical relief but has also helped India take a step forward towards development.

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