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Take Care of Teeth with Best Dentists in India

Our smile is one of the key characteristic of our face. And it is made even more pleasant with the help of teeth. But this isn’t the only reason why teeth are present in our body. The main objective of our teeth is to tear and crush food so that it becomes easy to digest them. It is a hard calcified structure found in the jaws of many vertebrates. Gums cover the roots of the teeth. They are hard but they are not made of bones. The branch of medicines that consists of the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases is known as dentistry. At Eternal Hospital, you will find the best dentists in India.

Eternal is a leading dental hospital in Jaipur. The department has been catering to the dental needs of its patients since the inception. We cater our services to children, teens, adults and even patients with special health care needs. Our team of experts is equipped with years of experience to deal with common pediatric conditions like chipped tooth and overbites to more complex surgical treatments. We understand the importance of your teeth both structurally and aesthetically.

Teeth whitening procedure is very common in dental care. It is a procedure which is done to lighten the natural color of the teeth. In this process, tooth surface is not removed. One thing to note while having this procedure is that there won’t be a complete color change. Only the existing shade will become lighter. Our teeth get stained by food and drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine etc. Cigarette and tobacco smoking can also lead to staining of teeth. Professional bleaching is the most effective method for whitening the teeth. The active ingredient in this procedure is usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

Laser whitening method is also widely used nowadays. In this procedure, bleaching product is painted on your teeth and a laser activates that chemical. The color change is achieved more quickly. Here, you will also get different teeth surgeries. One of them is maxillofacial surgery. This procedure is for patients suffering from facial trauma. Prime importance is given in restoring the hard and soft tissues of the face.

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