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Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS) Procedure In Details

Video assisted thorascopic surgery is a type of surgery used for the diagnosis as well as treatment of various conditions involving the thorax i.e. the chest area. A special video camera known as the throascope is used whiles this procedure. There has been advancement in the field of medical science which made it possible for video assisted thorascopic surgery to be minimally invasive.  A minimally invasive surgery is the one in which the incisions made are very small as compared to the traditional open surgical methods. The most common cause to perform VATS is removal of a part of lung due to cancer.


While the surgery is being performed the surgeon makes various small cuts in the chest wall. These holes are used to insert thorascope and other important instruments in the body.  These tools are used to remove a part of the lung, drain the fluid or even perform surgery around the heart and other areas.  Recovery after VATS is faster than a normal open surgery which is helpful for the patients. Thus healthcare specialists can confidently trust VATS to perform surgical operations which were traditionally done previously. Pulmonary hospitals in Jaipur have adopted this method and have gained an expertise in it.


How to know if you need VATS?

As mentioned earlier medical professionals use VATS for a variety of health issues around thorax.  One might need to remove a small part of cancerous tissue. The medical professional might use VATS to biopsy part of the lung, the lymph nodes, the esophagus, the tissue around the lung, or the tissue around the heart. VATS can also be used to completely remove an organ from the body.  Some of the procedures performed on the heart might require VATS, such as,

·   Pacemaker lead placement, atrial fibrillation ablation, and repair to the mitral valve.

·   Draining a part of lung in case of infection.

·   Draining of the abscess.

·   An infection in heart or around it.

·   Removal of the restrictive fibrous tissue on the lungs.

·   Performing surgery to prevent pleural effusions.

·   Treatment of the congenital problem in lung wall.

·   Treating paralysis or hernia of the diaphragm. 

·   Treatment of gastro-esophageal issues with the help of surgery.


What are the potential risks associated with VATS?

Most of the people after VATS have a fast and healthy recovery however, just like any surgical procedure it has a certain complications too, some of which are:

·   Air leak.

·   Atelectasis, which is the partial collapse of the lung.

·   Abnormal heart rhythms.

·   Excess bleeding.

·   Any kind of major shock.

·   Pulmonary embolism or stroke due to clots.

·   Complications due to anesthesia.

·   Collection of pus in the chest cavity. 

·   Development of pneumonia.

Age of the patient, case history and the reason for VATS will easily explain the possible complications. It is advised to the patients to ask about all the specific risks related to their surgery to the doctor.


What happens during VATS?

It is important for the patient to have an idea about the procedure before the surgery. Best hospital in Jaipur, the medical professional can explain all the details related to the surgery.

After the surgery it is common to get antibiotics in order to prevent nay infection from developing. Local or general anesthesia might be given to the patient so that they don’t feel the pain related to the surgery. There will be several cuts in the chest wall and this surgery might take few hours. A thorascope is inserted from one of these holes along with the other instruments. Once the surgery is performed everything is removed and stitches are provided thus finally applying a band aid. Thoracoscopy cost in Jaipur varies differently depending upon the condition and the extent of surgery.

After the surgery patient might feel a little light headed due to the anesthesia. Special stockings will be provided to prevent any blood clot from forming. The patient is advised to stay in the hospital for few days after which they can start the normal life but certain are and lifestyle changes are suggested to have the better outcome of the surgery. A good diet, simple exercises and following the suggested prescriptions is important.

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