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What are Different Techniques for Hip Replacement

Hipbone forms a crucial part of the human skeletal system and its structure is constructed in the ways of a joint which enhances the flexibility of the region and facilitates better movements. It is important to take care of the bone health because it is difficult to repair them back to the normal structure of they undergo severe damage in the first case. Traditional hip replacement surgeries were cumbersome to be performed. They involved a huge bulk of time and the success rates of the operation could not be guaranteed. The institutions of joint replacement surgery in India state that even if the patient is treated in the best orthopaedics treatment hospital of the country, hundred per cent chances of complete recovery cannot be guaranteed in any case. But on the brighter side, the massive developments in the field of medicine and sciences have welcomed new types of hip replacement surgery where the risks of related complications and side-effects are comparatively decreased and the recovery is quick.

Two preferred techniques of hip replacement surgery are elaborated in the following passages:

1. Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement
As the name suggests, this surgery is facilitated by reaching the damaged hip joint by the front and for this purpose, specially designed tables are taken into use. The hip replacement surgery performed through an anterior approach is motivated to minimise the amount of pain the patient has to undergo throughout the course of this surgical treatment. The course of the anterior approach to hip replacement surgery is moulded through efficient ways so that the patient experiences comparatively minimum swelling in the operated area. Another advantage of hip replacement through an anterior approach is causing less damage to the muscles of the legs and the hips which is minimal muscle disruption. This advantage is also aided by minimal scarring because the marked incisions are smaller in size. All of this works together to result in a quicker recovery within a few weeks and the hospital stay is also cut to the shorter time period.
2. Hip Resurfacing
Hip resurfacing is another type of replacement surgery but unlike the other procedures where prosthetic joint and related parts are being worked upon; hip resurfacing utilises the natural composition of the hip bone. The stability of the normal body is gained quickly and closely which makes it a preferred surgery for patients who are involved in an active lifestyle.

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