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What are Intensive and Critical Care Units - When is It Required for a Patient

The realm of medical sciences has witnessed massive developments in the past few decades. Albeit, the increasing number of unhealthy cases and incremented complications of various diseases, the field of medical services is trying hard to provide the best treatments. In this discourse, the type of medical facilities is playing a special role because they not only provide aid in the course of the treatment programme but also are crucial elements for the entire plan of treatment. Specifically, the intensive care units which we commonly refer to as ICUs are becoming advanced and sub-specialized to cater to the larger set of complicated health problems; they are being designed for a particular type of patients so that quality critical care is made available to all. Trained healthcare professionals and technologically advanced services form the backbone of the ICUs.

Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) is specialized to entertain the medical cases which come for critical care. Although they are a type of intensive care unit they are designed for a continuous surveillance over the patients of medical cases. MICUs are highly specialized because a permanent and regulated care has to be provided to the patients who are brought in these units. The staffs of these units are highly professionals who are adept in manual deftness and have proven calibre in maintaining effective checks for long and continuous time periods.

On the other hand, the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) is performed for patients who are supposed to go to complicated surgical procedures. SICUs are proper in-patient units where the team is headed by highly qualified surgeons and anesthesiologists who are practised with high-end precision and have significant experience in this field. The entire staff at SICU is composed of a multidisciplinary team approach so that it is ensured that the highest quality of critical care is provided to the patient.

Another type of ICUs which are inclined towards a family-care approach is intensive care nursery. The widely consulted maternity hospitals are available with these units, for instance, the NEONATAL Intensive Care Unit (NICU) in Jaipur is a perfect example on ho this units are supposed to work. NICUs are equipped with advanced technological advancements which provide adequate help in offering high-end critical care to newborn babies. Some of these intensive care nurseries are added with intermediate areas so that sick babies can be effectively treated as well.

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