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What are the Signs of Heart Failure

Heart failure is a fatal medical condition that is caused by blockage in the blood channels that prevents the heart from performing its function of pumping blood from the body properly. That is one of the most sensitive organs in our body and its continuous functioning is very important for our survival. However heart is prone to develop various kinds of diseases and ailments which require immediate medical attention or else these can lead to a large number of complications including heart failure. One of the best ways to avoid heart failure is with the help of a heart valve repair surgery. A large number of people opting for heart failure checkup in Jaipur where found to be suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure which clearly indicates that these are the risk factors and make a person even more vulnerable to various kinds of heart diseases.

Heart valve repair surgery is a medical procedure used to repair a damaged valve which is one of the major cause of heart failure. Heart failure can prove to be life threatening and may often require a heart transplant. Although the problem can be easily avoided by timely assessment and treatment but most of the patients tend to overlook the symptoms unless the problem becomes severe. Initially the patient may experience difficulty in breathing, nausea, breathlessness, weakness, fatigue, swelling in the limbs, increased urge to urinate especially at night and consistent coughing. The patient may also experience pain in the chest, left arm and shoulder which may range from mild to chronic. The patient is not able to perform normal day to day activities and feels tired most of the time. He may also feel discomfort in the chest while exercising or during exertion. Persistent coughing is also is sign of potential heart disease that can ultimately lead to heart failure. All these symptoms become more chronic with time. Although it is not always possible avoid heart failure but there are various medical treatments and procedures that help to reduce the signs and symptoms and give the patient one more chance at life.

If you experience any of these signs and symptoms it is advisable to immediately consult a doctor for all the necessary screenings and test. The doctors device out a proper medical procedure to be undertaken and this usually starts by the prescription of certain oral medication. If the medicines fail to work, the doctors might recommend a surgery. The leading hospital for heart failure check up in Jaipur provides a wide range of treatments to avoid heart failure. These include traditional open heart surgeries as well as minimally invasive procedures like TAVR/TAVI.

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