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What are the Warning Signs of Heart Attack

Each disease before striking a person provides him/her with signs and symptoms of it. Heart disease has become very common nowadays. Every other person is suffering some sort heart problem.

The trick here is simple and short. One can’t definitely be a healthy person or disease free person all his life, but he/she can do everything possible to avoid the disease.

So, here are some healthy tips that you need to follow-

1. Get goo Sleep.

2. Eat Healthy

3. Exercise Daily

4. Avoid any Form of Stress

5. Don’t Smoke

6. Don’t be a Passive Smoker

During a heart, the blood supply which generally nourishes the heart is cut off and the heart muscles begin to die. Some people who are having a heart attack have warning signs while some people may show no sign.

Here are some signs of a heart attack-

1. Chest Pain

2. Upper Body Pain

3. Sweating

4. Nausea

5. Fatigue

6. Trouble in Breathing

A heart attack is an emergency problem. As soon as you see any person around you showing symptoms of it, don’t waste any time and provide medical assistance to him/her. Any kind of delay in the treatment can prove to be fatal.

There are a very few conditions that cause a heart attack. One of the most common causes is plaque buildup in the arteries which cuts down the supply of blood to the heart. Another cause of a heart attack can be a blood clot or a torn blood vessel. There are a lot of options for heart attack treatments in Jaipur also.

Symptoms of a heart attack are-

1. Chest Pain or Discomfort

2. Nausea

3. Lightheadedness or Dizziness

4. Fatigue

The symptoms are generally different for both men and women. The diagnosis of a heart attack is made by the doctor in which he/she the medical history and then further gives test like electrocardiogram to check the heart muscle damage. Some blood tests might also take place.

Finding the cause of a heart attack is very important. The doctor finds the cause and then performs one of the following procedures.

1. Angioplasty

2. Stent

3. Heart Bypass Surgery

4. Heart Valve Surgery

5. Pacemaker

Your doctor may also prescribe you certain medications to treat your heart attack like-


Drugs to Break up Clots



Blood Thinners

Blood Pressure Medications

You can surely avoid a heart attack if you stop smoking in case you are a chain smoker. Diabetes is also a very bad disease. People suffering from it should keep a close check on all heart related problems if they have any. You can also visit best heart doctors in India and get a good treatment.

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