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What Diet should be Taken by Cancer Patients

One of the most deadly diseases that can affect our body is Cancer. In this condition, there is abnormal division of cells and cause a growth of mass known as tumor. It may take ages for cancer to be detected and it may or may not have invaded other body parts. When cancer has reached an advanced stage, then it becomes very difficult for it to treat. There is no definite cause of this condition. Though there are several risk factors associated with it but even if we keep away from them, there is no surety of keeping our body away from it. If you are diagnosed with Cancer, then it becomes critical to carry on with good diet.

Nutritious diet for cancer patients is very important as the treatment options such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery can suck up all the energy. Eating the right quality and amount of food helps patient in felling good and staying strong. Proper planning of diet is the first step. Some of the important tips that are always mentioned by the experts are as follows –

According to top dietitians in Jaipur, healthy food should be eaten. Extreme diets should be avoided. A balanced diet should be the way to go. There may be need of extra calories and protein to give you the extra strength which may be necessary to deal with the treatment. Vegetables and fruits should be in every diet. Instead of white bread, whole grain bread should be used. Unless you have been told to avoid raw foods, leafy green salad should be encouraged.

It is important to eat on a regular interval even if you have don’t have an appetite. Small meals give you strength. For that, you should not wait for getting hungry. Nutrient rich foods such as pudding, cooked cereals, seeds, beans etc. should be preferred.

You should be prepared psychologically too. Make your food look appealing. Anything that you prepare should be a good final touch and topped with parsley, cherry, tomatoes and other dips.

There are some effects of chemotherapy. They can be controlled with proper nutrition. Constipation can be controlled by eating high fiber food such as beans, lentils, vegetable etc.

In this stage, food safety should not be ignored. Expiration dates of each and every product should be checked. Bulk food should not be encouraged. There should be separate cutting board for non vegetarian food and should be cleaned properly.

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