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What is Cardiac Tomography

Cardiac Tomography is a non-invasive test that uses X-Rays to make 3-D pictures of the heart. It is generally used to diagnose blockages in the heart if the patient is having extensive chest pains and the doctors are not getting any clear indications through other tests.

The non-invasive cardiology in India has advanced with the advancement of technology. Today, the doctors use multi-detector computerized tomography (MCDT) for faster and more efficient results. They can take pictures of the beating heart and show the calcium and blockages in the arteries.

A few advantages that make computerized cardiac tomography a favourable diagnosis test are –

It provides faster and efficient results

The pictures created of the healthy and diseased part of your heart can be viewed from any angle.

The doctors can perform various additional tests through this procedure like determining the structure of your heart, how well your heart pumps blood, scarring in the heart muscle, fluid in the pericardial sac and many more.

The MCDT can determine the risk of heart attack in a person.

There are three main types of CT Scans used for diagnosing different problems. These are calcium-score screening heart scan, coronary CT angiography and total body CT scan.

A calcium-score screening heart scan is performed to determine the calcium levels in the coronary arteries. Excessive levels of calcium can cause clotting in the coronary arteries that may result in the hindered blood flow which can cause a heart attack or stroke.

Coronary CT angiography is another non-invasive diagnosis test that is used to determine the fatty deposits (plaque) in the coronary arteries of the heart. This technique is currently undergoing research and is not that widely used as other cardiac tomography techniques.

Total body CT scan is a test performed to determine the potential problems that may arise in the future. This test focuses on the three main areas - the heart, the lungs and the abdomen or pelvis.

This non-invasive cardiology in India has helped doctors reach to the deep parts of the body and thus they can perform treatments more precisely and easily. CT Scans are often used by doctors to create a route map that they use to perform the surgical procedure. The doctors are able to determine the exact problem that is causing difficulties and hindering the patient’s day to day activities and treat them as soon as possible with the least invasive techniques.

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