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What is Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia CDH

The growth of the diaphragm during the development of the foetus from the eighth week of gestation can result into the condition of congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). The condition of congenital diaphragmatic hernia develops a hole between the position of the chest and the abdomen. The creation of this hole creates space for movement of abdominal organs namely, the stomach, intestine, liver, spleen, and kidney into the fetal chest which takes up the room inside the chest and compresses the growth of the lungs which can further result into pulmonary hypoplasia. The best paediatric surgeons in Jaipur explain how the condition of pulmonary hypoplasia can prove to be life-threatening for the newborn, it comes from the reason that when the child is in fetal stage, the function of breathing is performed through the lungs but with post delivery, the lungs have to perform this function and incapability of the lungs to do so can turn to be fatal in nature. As reported by the best paediatric surgeons in Jaipur, this condition is frequently observed on the left side.

Through an educative interaction with exceptionally trained doctors of pediatric surgery hospital in Jaipur, it was cleared that there are various factors which determine the severity of congenital diaphragmatic hernia and likewise, there are various possibilities of medical treatments which can provide reasonable solutions. For a clear diagnosis of the problem, doctors recommend sonography and for effective assessment of chromosomes, amniocentesis and/or microarray are performed. The pediatric surgery hospital in Jaipur also advocates magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, level II sonogram and echocardiogram for better results. Basically, there are two determining factors of severity of CDH which are liver position and lung-to-head ratio (LHR). It has been observed that herniation of liver in the fetal chest enhances the severity of CDH and children observing the same have a considerably lower rate of survival. The latter estimate of the lung to height ratio is good if the value surpasses 1. 0.

Various treatments have been developed which enhance the survival rate of a newborn baby who suffers from the condition of congenital diaphragmatic hernia. The paediatric best paediatric surgeons in Jaipur strongly recommend that if parents are ready to deliver a baby who has a condition of CDH, then they need to choose the best options available which are equipped with intensive care nursery because post pregnant care for the child will determine the development in his/her growth and well-being.

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