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What is the Best Diet to Follow in Your 40

Aging is an important part of life and as we start aging the metabolic process of the body starts to slow down thereby resulting in the need of a proper diet plan so as to avoid any health issues or complications. So it is very important to follow a healthy diet.

The experts in clinical nutrition and dietetics in Indiarecommend taking a wholesome diet which contains a portion of all the nutrients. To help combat the slowing of the metabolism with age and also the risk of high blood pressure due to thickening of the arteries, the consumption of whole grains is extremely important. Whole grains contain good quantity of fibre which is needed by the body. The amount of fibre provided by whole grains is much larger as compared to the amount of fibre provided by the refined grains.

Other than whole grains, fruit and vegetable salads are also very healthy as these are a rich source of fibre and are also great for keeping the body fit. The help improve our digestion and regulate bowel movement. Cabbage, bell peppers, tomatoes, brocoli and avocado can be exceptionally beneficial for health, especially in the late thirties and forties.

Patients especially those in the forties and fifties are often recommend to cut out the amount of salt in food as salt has a tendency to increase blood pressure as it causes water retention. Water retention is the major reason for increasing the blood pressure which eventually puts a strain on the heart, arteries as well as the kidneys there by resulting in many diseases like kidney failure and cardiovascular diseases. Other than fried and spicy food, excess quantity of salts are also present in other processed foods like cured meats, cheese, frozen food, pizza and even breakfast cereals. Hence their intake should also be cut down.

As per the top dietitians of India, consuming bacon in large quantity is very harmful for our health, especially after forties as they contain large quantities of omega 6 fatty acids which can increase the inflammation in the joints resulting in arthritis and can even worsen the health of the patient who has been diagnosed with arthritis. Processed meat, egg yolk, fried foods, oils like corn oil, sunflower, soybean and cotton seed oil should also be avoided.

Another thing to be removed from the everyday diet list is sugar. Sugar is known to play a key role in increasing our weight thereby leading to obesity, however other than trigger weight gain, sugar can also accelerate the process of aging. Sugar is the key ingredient in  the most popular foods like ice creams, chocolate bars and all the desserts. This sugar then is converted by the body into glucose which is linked to the major health issues like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney diseases. Those suffering from diabetes can also face problems like pain in the bones and other health related issues making the body feel older than it actually is and therefore speeding up the aging process.

Soft drinks and other canned beverages are also becoming a reason of concern and have been put on a NO list by many dietitians. According to a recent survey a three hundred ml bottle of soft drink contains around hundred fifty calories and forty grams of carbohydrates which in simple terms is an equivalent of ten tea spoons of sugar. This amount of sugar intake is sufficient to kill a diabetic patient.

Hence the food that we consume should be taken in appropriate quantities because taking excess quantity of foods such as these can have a severely bad effect on our health. It has also been shown by the recent studies in the cardiology department that red wine if taken in moderate quantity is really good for the heart. Taking red wine in moderation that is two to seven drinks per week can help improve the health of the heart and is often advised to patients who have had a cardiac arrest. However taking red wine in excess can still have a damaging effect on the health as alcohol has a tendency to damage the liver. Other than this exercising regularly, going for walks and doing yoga can do wonders to the health of the person.

Aging results in the slowing down of the metabolic process and also results in increase in the health complications like diabetes, heart diseases, kidney disease and many more. Hence it becomes very important to take a healthy diet which can help combat the effects of aging. Top dietitians in jaipur recommend taking a wholesome diet which is rich in all nutrients. Taking whole grains rather than refined grains can have a great impact on the health of the person since whole grains are rich in fibre which help to reverse the slowing of the metabolism. Taking fresh fruits and vegetable salads also increase the fibre content in the body. Other than that fried food and oils should also be avoided. The amount of salt consumed should also be controlled. Sugar intake should also be limited and regular exercising, yoga and long walks should be made a part of the daily life activities as they can help improve the health and keep all the diseases at bay. Clinical nutrition and dietetics in India has gained immense popularity due to its effectiveness.

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