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How Can I Improve the Structure of My Teeth Without the Help of the Braces

Getting a perfect set of teeth is not only desirable but helps increase the self-confidence of a person. But getting braces, especially if you’re an adult, can be a little demeaning. Today, there are several ways to improve the structure of your teeth in order to attain a more desirable and proper look.

A dental hospital in Jaipur gave a list of the common treatments that can be used instead of braces in order to remove the structural defects. These methods are -


Retainers are a removal device that is made up of acrylic and metal wires. These retainers are noticeable when used but they can be unattached while brushing your teeth or eating. You can also remove them if you’re in a condition where you don’t need anyone to notice them (it is preferred that you don’t remove them too often). The most common and well-known retainers are Hawley retainers.


Appliances are used when the patient needs to correct the structure of the jaw rather than the structure of the teeth. These appliances focus on correcting and straightening the structure of the teeth by improving the base structure. These devices can be highly conspicuous and take a little more time to show results than the braces.


Invisalign are the most discreet form of teeth structure improvement treatment. They are customized made plastic retainers that help in correcting the structural defects invisibly. They have many advantages over the other two methods and are a much-preferred choice.

These advantages include:-

1. They are much more discreet and invisible than the retainers and the appliances

2. They are custom made so the patient doesn’t have to worry about an improper fit.

3. They work much faster than the retainers and the appliances

All the above-mentionedmethods should be performed under the guidance of a specialized dentist who is completely aware of inyour case. Talking to your dentist can be very helpful for the patient as he or she will give a complete run-down of the whole condition and tell the patient the best method and approach for your case.

Without braces treatment for teeth is as much as effective than a treatment with the braces. Depending on the expectations and need of the patient, the dentist will provide youwith the best treatment option. These treatments are easy and can become more common in the coming future.

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