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What Makes ICU an Important Part of Any Hospital

In a hospital, there are different units where a patient is admitted. This is done in order to get specialized treatment. For example – if we are suffering from heart diseases, we will be admitted to cardiology department, in cases of damage of nervous system we will be looked by neurology department. Similarly, there is an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) present in every hospital which takes care of serious ill patients. They can be suffering from any illness or mishaps. There are many things that ICU & critical care consultant in India take care of.

It is a unit in a hospital where patients who require immediate attention are admitted. This department caters to patients who are suffering from life threatening diseases and require constant monitoring. The equipments and instruments used here are specific and of highest order so that normal bodily functions are ensured. The staff members include doctors, nurses, specialists, pharmacists, dieticians, therapists and chaplains who are highly trained in solving any complication that might occur while treating a patient.

The fact that there is a higher staff to patient ratio than other normal wards makes it an important part of the hospital. There are specially trained nurses who care for one or two patients at max in one shift. Patients here are connected to machines to monitor their heart, blood pressure and respiratory rate. In many cases, patients are attached to ventilators. It is done so that assistance is provided in breathing as they are not able to breathe on their own.

ICU & critical care consultant in India are referred because of the following conditions –

When a patient is in shock. In this condition, body organs don’t get enough oxygen and blood pressure for the normal functioning. It can be caused due to severe dehydration, heart failure, organ infection, massive trauma etc.

Acute respiratory failure occurs when lungs are not able to work well enough to replenish blood with oxygen. In case of acute case, BiPap or mechanical ventilation is required.

Infections are caused in the blood which can hamper working of our kidneys, lungs, bowel etc. Sometimes a patient can be infected due to being on a ventilator.

To control excessive bleeding and clotting, there is need of patient to be admitted to this unit. They are placed on Sequential Compression Devices or SCD’s for blood to stop clotting in legs and the lungs.

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